This game really got me hooked right from the start. You are stuck in the void and have to face a series of challenges/puzzles. Ultimately, the goal is to make it to the top of the tower to free the demon Fate.

Fate is guiding you through the game and you must ALWAYS listen to her, as you learn early-game. This Fate character is one of the best I’ve seen in horror.

You have to start all over again every time you die so don’t rush through the challenges. Good luck!

Tower of Fate – First puzzles

At the entrance, stop the blocks from moving when the right colors are facing the big block in the middle.   

First puzzle, chose between three doors.  Simply listen to what Fate tells you.  Always listen to her.

Second challenge just run down the stairs. 

Third puzzle, go down the stairs and continue straight ahead.  Grab the wheel and bring it back at the top of the first staircase.  Turn both wheels until you hear water pouring and jump in the boat.  Don’t miss it.

Take the “elevator” and go up once.  Do not look up.  Find the trapped room and hit/push the block at the bottom of the right side wall.  Grab the key and go up the stairs.  Turn left and open the tomb.  Grab a torch, put it on fire using one of the lanterns and take the other staircase up.  Open the locked door and throw your torch in the spider webs. You can now go back to the elevator and go up. 

Tower of Fate Part2 – More Deaths

Now in the tower center.  To proceed, beat the 4 rooms: fire, water, earth and air.  Each room has its own puzzle that you have to solve to get the corresponding crystal and bring it back.

  • Fire: Jump from rock to rock and get on the other side of the map.  7:51 for the solution 
  • Water: Same as fire, jump from rock to rock without touching the water (acid) and get on the boat.  Grab a cannonball, put it in the cannon, grab the torch on the floor, put it on fire and light the cannon.  
  • Air: 13:33 for the solution
  • Earth: Big spider ahead.  Climb the hill on the right and push the boulder on the spider

For the music sheets, you can check the video but it’s super simple.  In one room you have to run around with your torch.  In the other you have to grab the heavy ball or whatever that is and put it on the suspended tomb.  Come back to the piano and play the notes in the right sequence.

Tower of Fate Bad Ending

Most annoying part of the game.  Turn the levers, ideally one by one, grab the statue fragment and reconstruct the statue in the middle of the big room.  Avoid the guards.  Good luck, it’s going to take you forever.

Once done, listen to Fate:  grab the crystal and run.  Run back to where you come from and take the elevator at the far right end of the bridge.  Place the crystal on the thing and do exactly as you did in the very first room:  stop the blocks when the colors aligned.

You made it to the end, it’s now up to you which ending you want. 

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