All Randumb Studios Games (In Order)

I took The Test, a 1$ game on Steam. It’s quite similar to The Watson-Scott Test but in less creepy.

I like the idea behind these little games. Basically you’re answering questions and the program tries to sell you the idea that you’re talking to a real person or that someone’s watching you, kinda.

For a better experience you should play in the dark, alone and with headphones on. Otherwise it loses a lot of its unsettling vibe.

All in all a fun 15-20 minute game. At the end of the test you are given a secret word that you are then asked to leave in the comments (review) so that they can do… something, I’m not sure. I took the test twice to see if the questions would change but they remain the same. My answers changed tho. My first secret word was Greed and the second one Acceptance.

I’m not sure if giving people those words is part of the test. Like they’re trying to make us believe there’s more to it than this and that our answers are truly being analyzed.

Anyways, if you want to try the game :

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