It was such a good play. Worth the time and money, if you get the chance to play it go for it. If you’re like me and got stuck here and there, then this page and the videos can definitely help you.

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Wake up Call

In chapter 1 you wake up in what looks like a dark spaceship and try to find the others. After waking up from your dream, you get word that something went wrong within the ship and will have to get on it.

Here are the timestamps for this chapter:

0:45 Beginning 2:05 Pick up flashlight 2:54 Jumpscare 3:32 Pick up crowbar 4:43 Jumpscare 6:13 ID card 6:43 Computer access code

Morning Routine

Chapter 2 tries to get you used to the game and controls.  You need to find your biogage in the lab, which will guide you throughout the game and let you connect/interact with electronics. 

Don’t forget to refill your oxygen!

Power of The Sun

Flooded Greenhouse

Thing In The Mist + Cavern of Madness

Shunned Basement

You’re now in Shane’s basement. Walk around and pick up all the pictures, you should find 5. The code for the bookshelf is 6424, this will open a secret room. Go to the board with the numbered post-it notes and order the photographs by time:

1 = 07:48

2 = 08:55

3 = 12:24

4 = 12:57

5 = 13:00

Now, 13:39 find all symbols hidden in the basement. You’ll have to focus on them for a bit (until they hurt you) to active them. 

Sabotaged Signal

Security code for the storage container where the needed  power cell is located is: 7357

14:39 Satellite dish solution – PITCH = 43, YAW = -158

Beings From Dust + The Looming Threat

The Beings From Dust segment is pretty short. All you have to do is avoid the hallucinations and get back to the rover.

Once back to the base, get to the lab and find all the vials laying around. 

  • 8:56 First centrifuge solution
  • 13:26 Second centrifuge solution

The Poison Tree

Use the sonic emitter on the biogage to explode the purple flowers

  • 3:30 First water supply tank
  • 4:23 Second tank

Secret Keepers

Here you’ll need to use your biogage to scan the cameras you want to access and point them in another direction to let you through. 

At 5:54 you’ll need to access the camera first in order to hack the circuit box located in the other room.  

Icarus Complex

Code to the morgue is 9510

Eight Headed Monster

Main computer access code is EDEN

  • Set the lighting to: 20 percent
  • Set the soundscape to: 100 percent
  • Set the numbering agent to: 100 percent

Phase 2 activation code is: 5,1,2

Knowledge Consumed + The Gate

In every vision, examine the computer and the notes, that’ll take you to the next one.

In the classroom, you have to read all the notes in order to progress.

The puzzle to get inside the gate is fairly easy, you can follow the video for help at 14:05

Bitter Reunion

Ending – As The World Crumbles + Last Man On Mars