What is The Horrorscope

The Horrorscope is a simple psychological horror game by Randumb Studios. Basically, you answer a series of questions that will apparently reveal your fate. There isn’t much to say about it except that you should try it out for yourself and if you do, do it the right way: alone and in the dark.

The game aims at creating a weird/creepy atmosphere and make the player feels uncomfortable. What makes The Horroscope different from the other RS games is the purpose of the “test”, which is to determine your fate. That’s probably the only difference from let’s say, The Test, where you answer a series of questions to “learn more about yourself”.

All Randumb Studios Games (In Order)

This game doesn’t feel as unique after playing their other games as they share lots of similarities. Randumb Studios release variations of their games under different titles. For instance, The Twins is somewhat a sequel to The Summoning and The Horrorscope is a different version of The Test, with very few changes.

What’s next?

Still, they got me intrigued as to what is coming next. In each of their latest games they give players a secret word and ask them to share their word in the comment/review section so that they can select people in their future project(s).

Their next game, planned to be releases on April 27th 2020, is The Test: Hypothesis Rising. From the title alone you can tell this is just another The Test and The Horrorscope. In the description on Steam it says:

“The second chapter in The Test trilogy. Answer a series of in-depth questions to reveal hidden truths about yourself and unlock secrets to discover how your life can change drastically with just a few, slight modifications. …But are you sure you want the answers you seek?”

So it’s safe to say assume that more of these are coming in the next months/years.

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