Boris & The Dark Survival is the most recent game from Joey Drew Studios, the developers behind Bendy & The Ink Machine. This game is a third person, survival game where we get to play our most beloved Boris and learn a little more about his origin.

Here are the timestamps for the video:

0:08 Jumpscare 0:28 All tunes 1:36 Jumpscare 1:46 Day 1 (gameplay) 4:40 Day 2-20 (fast forward) 6:07 Ending


The goal of the game is to collect all the 7 safehouse scraps hidden in lockers. Our little friend Boris the Wolf goes out on mission everyday to find needed supplies and everyday you go out is a new automatically generated map. You won’t find scrap in every map so you’ll have to complete the level (the day) and start again until you get all the scraps.

It’s a fun little game, it took me about 2h to complete. IMO it’s also a good marketing move from Joey Drew Studios to give people a little something while we’re all waiting for the Bendy & The Ink Machine sequel: Bendy & The Dark Revival.

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Boris & The Dark Survival Update! The Wolf Trials

In this update we get “new” enemies: Alice Angel (spoiler) and the Projectionist. New layouts and of course new secrets.

0:16 6/6 fuses secret game, 2:03 secret recording unlocked, 2:42 all recordings, 5:17 Projectionist level on-demand, 7:54 Alice Angel’s Ending, 8:39 Alice Angel’s level.

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Boris & The Dark Survival Update! The Unleashed

In the new update, the devs re-introduced the tres amigos, also known as The Butcher Gang. All the enemies from previous patches are still here. We also get to play as one of The Lost Ones as you can see in the video. Last level at 1:45 btw.

Also, at 0:38 you can see the message the Bendy team left, most likely about the COVID-19.